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welcome to the jungle...

hi everyone!!

as you may have guessed, i'm the creator of this community, so naturally i'm making the first entry.

to start off, my name is emily and i'm a huge fan of girl rock. i play guitar, bass, drums, piano, clarinet, sitar, mandolin, harmonica, digeridoo, and pretty much any other instrument you can think of. i'm a singer/songwriter in the cape cod/massachusetts area, and i'm also in a band, the aptly titled "Atomic Suzy and the Homemakers." we're composed of all girls, and i think we're pretty decent ^^

anyway, i intended this community to be a place for other female musicians to come and connect with other musicians about girls in rock and roll and such.

so, i leave you all with the idea that women CAN rock, and that we should all make our voices heard!!

Peace and love,

~atomic_siouxsie ^^
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I am a guitarist as well. And I am also in a band. My bands name is E.A.P. after Edgar Allan Poe (long story) but I would love to join your community if you do not mind. I only play bass and guitar though. But, I respect all people who can play drums because I thought it was rather difficult. I am in the Connecitcut area.
welcome!!! ^^

...and simply because you've joined my community, you rock ^^
Hi!! It`s great that girls luv 2 rock !! I`m a guitarist too:)))I got a band here in Ukrain It`s called " DOZHD"/ if you wanna lisn 2 some mp 3? I could give ya the links/Yeps or nope?:))